Friday, January 29, 2016

McAuliffe Crushed

Recently he tried to dissolve agreements with 25 other states to recognize their “concealed carry” permits in a “reciprocity agreement.” But he got so much “kickback” to it, he is now “backing off.” His action only lasted five weeks before he “caved” to logic and reinstated the agreements. McAuliffe had bragged about “confronting the NRA, and they CRUSHED him. They has assistance from Virginia's State Legislature, which was poised to pass (with veto-proof majorities, which would have BLOWN his effort to further limit guns in Virginia. That McAuliffe is a Democrat does not even need to be said. The only exception is the “domestic violence” part, which is dependent on a judge issuing a two-year protective order (which judges issue like giving candy to a child), saying, “:no one wants a violent abuser to have access to firearms.” As if they could stop them from getting a gun ILLEGALLY. Liberals, of course, hate it. (Hot Air)

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