Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Obama Lied Again

Surprise, surprise! He still claims that “Fast & Furious didn't have a real effect on getting guns into the hands of Mexican drug Lords. When a Border Control officer was killed with a gun traceable to F&F, he ignored it. Now they've found a .50 cal. Rifle in the home of that (formerly) escaped drug Lord. A “fifty” cal. rifle in this drug Lord's home! A “BIG FIFTY” can STOP a car or blow a man to flinders. It can destroy a HELICOPTER in flight! And he got it through Fast & Furious. Obama was responsible for arming THOUSANDS of Mexican drug dealers and helping them in their “war effort” against anybody who opposed them or simply COMPETED against them in selling drugs. But he wants to stop LAW-ABIDING Americans from having guns. Never mind that his “laws” never do ANYTHING to keep guns out of the hands of CRIMINALS, who don't OBEY his “laws.” Like most liberals, he intends someday to come to your home and TAKE your property and he doesn't want his thugs to run into your guns as much as possible when they do it. That's the ONLY reason for disarming the American people. (Fox News)

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