Monday, January 4, 2016

"Come And Take It!"

That's what Texas Governor Greg Abbott told Obama when he announced his ILLEGAL “executive actions” to take away our right to own and use a gun in self defense. Looks like Texas has elected another REAL MAN as governor and he “ain't gonna take any sh-t from Obama.” A well known motto is, “Don't mess with Texas,” and Obama's going to have a hard time taking away any guns in Texas. Texas doesn't respect those left-wing fools in DC and they'll make Obama's life HELL if he tries it. Other states (like my own State of Colorado) whose governor recently DOUBLED the license plate fees, forcing me to pay $84.00 for a small piece of Scotchlite showing my right to drive my 17-year-old car for another year) is one that is “tugging his forelock,” bending over forwards to take what comes, and agreeing to “enforce” Obama's ILLEGAL “regulations.” Texas recently passed one of the most comprehensive “open carry laws” in the nation in direct OPPOSITION to Obama's position. As usual, Obama's new “regulations” are completely ineffective in cutting “gun violence,” and do nothing except make trouble for HONEST gun buyers, while doing NOTHING to stop CRIMINALS from getting their guns ILLEGALLY, which they usually do, anyway. (Conservative Tribune)

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