Tuesday, January 12, 2016

"But Not for Me!"

“I believe not everybody should be allowed to own guns. But that should not apply to me, of course, because I'm smarter than anyone else.” That sentiment seems to apply to just about all the anti-gun fools out there. They don't think we have the intelligence to be able to have a gun and not shoot somebody over a trifle like a parking place. They think everybody but them are stupid and cannot be trusted with guns. But of course, they can be trusted. Hollywood moguls are infamous for this. They want to take guns away from everyone (but themselves, of course) and many of them run around with a circle of gun-toting “bodyguards” surrounding them. They think they're so “special” that they rate armed protection while we don't. When we accuse them of hypocrisy, they intimate (or say right out) that we must have some kind of a mental deficiency to think that way. They're too stupid to know how stupid they are. (Plunderbund)

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