Monday, January 25, 2016

A Gun That Doesn't Work?

Picture this, if you will: you are a “concealed carrier” with a “Smart Gun” in your pocket and you're confronted by a CRIMINAL who is pointing a “NON-”Smart Gun” at you. You pull your “Smarty Gun and shoot—only it doesn't shoot. So the criminal shoots you to death with his unencumbered gun that he got ILLEGALLY, since he does not, by definition, obey ANY laws. Obama wants ALL guns in the United States to be “Smart Guns,” with all the INCREASED “failure points” involved. They're UNRELIABLE, and he KNOWS it. He figures that's one more way to limit the number of workable guns in the hands of HONEST people. The Constitution only guarantees us our RIGHT to be armed. It doesn't specify what KIND of gun we can have, or if it must WORK. If he could, he'd ban ALL GUNS except those he knows are useless. (Tampa Tribune)

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