Friday, January 22, 2016

The Reloading Game

Obama's fools are trying to make ammunition so costly that people can't afford it. Which is one way to make the guns you have USELESS. The Constitution doesn't guarantee the right to buy ammunition OR to reload previously fired ammunition. So I can see an upswing in sales of reloading equipment in response to their absurd laws. I can also see liberals and other anti-gun fools banning RELOADING and the sales of reloading equipment, So you can't “get around” their damned fool laws. The reloading industry makes people able to avoid the cost of highly-taxed ammunition--until they put a tax on every bullet you reload of course, or ban the equipment it takes to do it. So I can see them doing both. Pretty soon they'll ban bullets, altogether, since the Constitution doesn't protect bullets. That's the kind of sneaky things they do to get their way, in spite of hell. (Daily Caller)

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