Saturday, January 9, 2016

NRA Sets Obama Straight

Obama loves to talk about the “gun show loophole” and how easy it is for a kid to buy a gun while waxing poetic about his “background checks” and how we need them to be even tighter The NRA says we already HAVE good enough background checks—if the government would just ENFORCE them. There IS NO “gun show loophole.” You buy a gun at a gun show and THEY are required to do a background check, just like in a store. And a kid CANNOT buy a gun as easily as he/she could buy a BOOK. That's an outright LIE as told by Obama (surprise, surprise!). It's IGNORANCE to think that the way to self defense is to become DEFENSELESS. But that's his answer to ANY mass shooting. The Philly mayor is just as ignorant. The SHOOTER of that cop shouted that he “did it for Allah.” The POLICE COMMISSIONER said it was an Islamic terrorist attack, and the mayor gets up in front of the microphones and says it is NOT Islam terrorist-inspired. Is he DELUDING himself? Or does he really believe that? Somebody needs to “slap him down” and enlighten him—if he will even BELIEVE them. The important thing the NRA brought out is that MOST of the mass shooters recently PASSED background checks before they killed all those people. (Eagle Rising)

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