Thursday, January 7, 2016

Obama's Many Lies

Obama tells a lot of lies, but the sheer NUMBER of lies he told in his speech about his illegal “executive actions” on gun control is impressive. The first one here is when he said “Background checks have stopped many mass shootings.” That is simply not true. But he wants us to think it is. Background checks have not stopped a single mass shooting, but we can't prove it, because if a shooting doesn't happen, we never know about it. Now, anybody who sells a SINGLE GUN has to get a federal firearms permit, and Hillary wants the fee for that to be increased to $2,500.00. When I got one (many years ago) it was ONE DOLLAR. There are criminal penalties for violating these restrictions, but NONE for a president (or other politician) who violates the Constitution, except for his unconstitutional laws being reversed (whenever somebody has enough money and enough guts to get it to the Supreme Court). The article linked below details other lies he told, just in that one speech. (Bearing Arms)

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