Saturday, January 23, 2016

Laws That Don't Work

Apparently, nobody told lawmakers in Washington State that laws against gun ownership or tighter storage of guns (locking them up) do NOTHING to stop criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists from getting their guns, and only serve to take us longer to get our guns in action when the “bad guys” already have their ILLEGAL guns ready when they come to victimize us. Or if anybody did, they ignored it. Now they're pushing for tighter “gun-storage” laws and that old saw, an “assault weapons ban.” They ask, why would ANYBODY want an “assault weapon,” without having any idea what an “assault weapon” really is, and completely ignoring the fact that more and more criminals are getting their own “assault weapons.” So if we don't want to be “outgunned” by the “bad guys,” that's WHY we want “assault weapons. Unlike the L. A. cops, who had to go to a gun store to get weapons to equal that being shot at them by a bunch of bank robbers, we want to HAVE such guns BEFORE they come to victimize us. We can't afford to hire somebody to carry our guns for us like politicians can, at OUR expense. (Breitbart)

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