Friday, January 29, 2016

Whoopi's Really Ignorant

She tried to take Rand Paul to task about “automatic weapons” being so easily available to anyone, and he “shot her down” with FACTS. Fact is, if anybody HAS an “automatic weapon,” he got it illegally, since “Automatic weapons” have been banned since 1934. What she THINKS is an “automatic weapon” is a SEMI-automatic weapon. Big difference. But considering the “open space” between Whoopi's ears, she isn't aware of that. The show she helps host is a “paragon of ignorance,” and proves it every day. But not usually so explicitly as this day. It's really a shame such ignorance is regarded as intelligence on television AND in the “written word” today. But you have to learn how to recognize stupidity when it rears it's ugly head. Whoopi should star in a program based on “The Onion” until she gains some intelligence—if that ever happens. She's a good actress, but lousy at political opinion. Now you black racists don't bother to call me a racist because I wrote this. Whoopi would be STUPID, black, white, or PURPLE. (Tea Party Update)

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