Saturday, January 2, 2016

It's Incrementalism

That's where the government takes away your rights in INCREMENTS, no single theft of your rights enough to “move you to action.” You complain about it, and people like Obama call you a “whiner.” But, added up over years of such reductions in your rights, the loss of rights looms large—but you don't notice it, because it's always a SMALL reduction in rights at one time, “for your own good, dontcha know?” California has just passed a law that is a “small” loss of rights. Restraining orders are given out by the courts “like candy” to kids. But in California now, ANYBODY who has a restraining order against them or who is “deemed” to be a “danger to him/herself or others” lose their constitutional right to own a gun.

USING a gun illegally or actually COMMITTING a crime is not required. All that IS required is somebody's OPINION that you might POSSIBLY use a gun to hurt someone in the future (maybe). Next, it'll be anybody who has an auto accident. Put all these tiny outrages together and you have a massive violation of the Second Amendment, I'm sure the anti-gun fools in other places are watching carefully to see if California gets away with it, so they can make similar unconstitutional laws and get away with it. I remember back in the sixties the California law was such that you could not “project anything at a person in such a way as to hurt them” or you were in violation of their gun laws. I remember thinking that means I must register my FISTS, since that describes them. It may be the same today, I don't know. (Just common sense)

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