Thursday, January 7, 2016

"It Exists, On Paper"

That's what Obama says about the Second Amendment. In other words, it's “just words on paper” and means nothing. This “constitutional scholar” thinks the Second Amendment means NOTHING when it comes to making laws against self defense and gun ownership. This is what he thinks about the Constitution, period. “just words on paper.” Doesn't limit him in any way. If Congress (a “coequal branch of government) won't do what he wants, he'll just “go around them” and do it, anyway. It doesn't matter if it's unconstitutional. He's Obama, isn't he? He wants it, doesn't he? In his mind, that's enough to get it done any way he can, legal or ILLEGAL. Somebody needs to “slap him down” and make him know the Constitution is NOT “just words on paper.” It RULES what he is able to do, and any time he goes against it, he's breaking “the law of the land.” (Bearing Arms)

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