Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Laws That Get People Killed

Slow-witted politicians want all “phony guns” to be colored orange, or some other distinctive color to “mark them” as not real. The Massachusetts House (where else?) recently passed a bill to force BB gun makers (and all toy gun makers) to color their entire guns a distinctive color so people too dumb to know it's a fake gun seeing the CURRENT orange front end of the barrel. Of course, it's easy for crooks to paint it black so they can use a fake gun to rob somebody, and get themselves killed if they accost a person with a REAL gun. They're always doing things to INHIBIT the owners of guns from being able to get their guns in action fast enough to oppose a criminal with an ILLEGAL gun, who isn't subject to such rules, since they never obey ANY laws. What seems to escape their attention is that there is a thriving business in painting guns, so you can have any color gun you want. This is a fake, “we have to do something, even if it's wrong” law loved by ignorant politicians everywhere. If you think this law is a “good thing,” you're a fool. (Bearing Arms)

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