Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Twisting Zimmerman to Anti-gun Rhetoric

Leave it to Obama to further politicize the Zimmerman/Martin case to his own ends. In a speech, right after Zimmerman’s acquittal, he asked, “Are we doing what we can to stem gun violence? The answer is, NO. What people like Obama are doing will INCREASE gun violence, mostly black against white and black against black, while he and his henchmen make more and more laws to DISARM honest people and make them more vulnerable to gun violence from criminals, who obey NO laws, let alone gun laws. Obama and his “gang of thieves” worked HARD to get Zimmerman convicted of SOMETHING, even if it was just “bleeding on the sidewalk” or “screaming too loud,” and he lost. Now he’s trying to “snatch victory from defeat” by turning it into his typical; anti-gun rhetoric. (The Blaze)

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