Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Imbeciles to Limit TOY Gun Sales!

I played with toy guns on many occasions when I was a child, and I have not gone out and killed anybody with a real gun. The same is true of most human beings capable of intelligent thought. Apparently this juvenile court “master” (whatever that is) is not. He says toy guns should be a different color altogether so people will not think they’re real. He says the “orange tip,” which can be removed, is not enough. Has he not heard of paint? Anti-gun fools continue to blame the guns whenever somebody uses one to hurt somebody. They fail to consider the other half of the equation, the person who owns the hand holding the gun. Instead of punishing the PERSON who uses the gun to commit a crime, just for using a gun, or a felon for just HAVING a gun, they victimize ALL of us by limiting our ability to have the means to self defense, a gun. They paint a picture of “crazies” going out and shooting up the landscape, just because they have a gun, which is about as phony as you can get. We need to get rid of these fools. (WBAL TV)

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