Friday, July 19, 2013

Sharpton Against "Stand Your Ground"

He wants people to RUN from armed thugs and NOT fight back when threatened. He thinks we should all just cower in a corner when we’re threatened by a thug with an illegal gun. He wants to do away with the right to deal with a criminal with our own guns. He’s painting a picture of Trayvon Martin, a known thug in the area, as an “innocent teenager,” which is wrong. Martin was a thug who was known to have broken in several houses and stolen things. He set out to beat the hell out of Zimmerman and it didn’t work out well for him because Zimmerman was legally armed; when Martin tried to break his skull by pounding it on the sidewalk, Zimmerman shot him to death, which was what he deserved. Trayvon's girlfriend couldn’t inject race into it, so she tried to inject “homophobia” into it (on Zimmerman’s part, of course). This AFTER the trial, in the media, which she KNEW would run with it. (Orlando Sentinel)

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