Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ths Shouldn't Even Be News

An Arkansas school district has armed 20 of the teachers in one school after several school shootings. This is good. It shows that not ALL “school authorities” are stupid. But this kind of thing should not be in the news. It should be done quietly so a potential shooter will not know he will possibly meet an armed teacher if he comes in to kill people. The first school shooting in history resulted in a dead shooter when all the students, who were routinely armed in those days, shot him to ribbons before he could harm anyone. Schools claim that to have anybody armed will result in higher insurance rates. That’s wrong. Armed people don’t create danger, they mean security. I would bet there will never be a mass shooter at this school because they will go elsewhere; somewhere they have a “gun-free zone” and they can count on the fact that nobody will be there to shoot back, except maybe for one or two armed cops, who can be dealt with first, because they stand out like a “sore thumb.” (Mail.com)

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