Saturday, July 13, 2013

72 Shot in Chicago, Media Yawns

This is our liberal media. Seventy-two people are shot over the four day 4th Weekend and all the liberal media can see is the TWO (now 3) people who were killed in the crash of an airplane by an inexperienced pilot who “happened” to OWN the airline for which he was flying. He was “trying to learn” how to land the 777 on one of the most difficult airports anywhere at which to land and managed to kill three people and put many more in the hospital while destroying his airplane. Meanwhile, 72 people are shot in the city with some of the STRONGEST anti-gun laws in the nation and that’s “not news.” How do we GET such fools in charge of these news agencies? I know; they’re hired by the fools who OWN them who are not even as smart as the fools running the city. (Rush Limbaugh)

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