Thursday, July 18, 2013

More Zimmerman!

I’m getting so sick of hearing the name Zimmerman I want to barf every time I hear it—which is often today. His face appears before me more often than Obama's--and that's a LOT.  But it’s important to point out that the not guilty finding in this case is important to everyone who carries a gun legally for self-defense. If he had been found guilty it would have been a signal victory for those who would deprive us of this basic constitutional right. The reason they pushed this case so hard is that they WANTED a guilty verdict to use in passing more laws to restrict our right to self defense and the ownership and use of the means to it, a gun. They lost. So they’re now trying to “spin it” in their favor, even though they can’t. They’re trying to paint this acquittal as a “travesty” that makes the killing of Trayvon Martin into a real tragedy—which it is NOT. Trayvon was a young thug bent on beating up a man he thought was gay. Martin chose to engage Zimmerman, an aging, out-of-shape man, and was beating the hell out of him while threatening to “beat him to death.” So Zimmerman shot him to save his own life, just as a cop would in the same situation. Both men could have chosen to “walk away,” but neither did. They made their own decisions and Trayvon’s death resulted. Had Zimmerman died, would there even been such an outcry? Doubtful. It would not have helped in their agenda. (Just common sense)

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