Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bloomberg's Anti-Gun Group

Like most anti-gun freak groups, they can’t come up with enough statistics to support their claims, so they make them up. Apparently they couldn’t get enough names of “gun violence victims” to name by simply taking names of people shot by criminals, so they included at least one “victim” who was shot by cops as they tried to apprehend him for the Boston Marathon bombing and the murder of a cop while trying to get away. The inclusion of this name is not surprising to me, as I know they twist all kinds of stories to suit their purpose to disarm Americans so we won’t be armed when their thugs come to take what’s ours. We should make a detailed check of EVERY name they mention to find out the details of the shooting to make sure they weren’t shot by the cops or private individuals with legal guns, in defense of their lives or property. (Pat Dollard)

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