Friday, July 5, 2013

Guns Frighten Them

People with guns don’t frighten liberals as much as the guns themselves (even if they’re unloaded) frighten them. Even if they’re just lying on the table, guns stir an unreasoning FEAR in the minds of the “anti-gun fanatics” who are trying to make guns not exist any more (except for those in the hands of cops and government agents). A Tea Party group in a small Colorado town is planning a demonstration in which they plan to carry UNLOADED guns and the anti-gun fools are “freaking out.” One pro-gun local said this: “Even if they were loaded, I'd still feel safe around people who are familiar with firearms. But the reaction to the group's plans is incomprehensible. Do residents know that a gun needs, like, you know, bullets to be even remotely threatening? Are they really frightened of a piece of metal with a wood stock?” Yes, they are. The gun itself frightens them and they want to do away with it. (American Thinker)

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