Friday, July 12, 2013

"Convict Him of Something--Anything!"

“Sanford, Florida (BHN) - In obvious anticipation of George ZImmerman being likely found innocent of murder charges, Judge Debra Nelson ruled Thursday that the jury will now have the option to convict Zimmerman of any number of lesser charges, including manslaughter, slavery, excessive noise (gunshot), personal property damage (hoodie), public property damage (head hitting sidewalk), littering (Trayvon), and felony screaming like a girl. The defense unsuccessfully objected to the additional charges, as well as the fact that all jurors are now wearing hoodies. On a lighter note, a Zimmerman defense attorney was chided by the judge for agreeing with the prosecution's demand of "justice for Trayvon" by suggesting they "dig up his body and shoot him again."

This may be satire(the tipoff is that BHN stands for “Big Hairy News”)—I don’t know. But it does sound much like the “lynch mob attitude” of the people who want George Zimmerman convicted of ANYTHING, including spitting on the sidewalk. In addition, I really get tired of the news media (including Fox) OBSESSING on this, as they commonly do on news that appeals to them, to the EXCLUSION of other important things (playing right into Obama’s hands willingly), such as Obama’s many crimes while moving us ever closer to socialism while spending money that no longer exists and COUNTERFEITING more (every day) to make it LOOK like he has real money to spend. (Just common sense)

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