Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cop's Life Saved By Gun Owner

This happened in Texas (where else?) where a crazed gunman got mad about a dog pooping in his yard and started killing people. The story doesn’t say how such a man got a gun, but it doesn’t matter. If a local gun law prohibited people with mental problems from getting a gun, they didn’t work in this case. He killed two people and two dogs (who will never poop in anybody’s yard again, I guess) and was trying to kill a police officer who responded, and discounted a “spectator” who has a good view of him from the side. This guy figured he’d better do something, so he shot him; and when the shooter started shooting at him, put two more in him while the cop added two more. But for this guy and his willingness to use his gun in self-defense and defense of others, that cop would now be dead. Which means, regardless of “anti-gun laws,” people who want to do bad things WILL get their hands on guns (even if they're crazy) and if innocent people don’t have their own guns, the wrong people will die. (

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