Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Real Trayvon

“Someone should ask (his so-called “mother”) why Trayvon was expelled from his Miami high school after numerous warnings to clean up his act. That's expelled as in get out and don't come back! Why did his mother kick Trayvon out of her house and send him to go live with his father who was unemployed and living with his girlfriend in Sanford, Florida? There was a 14 minute video on my Facebook of a Florida black preacher who called Trayvon a wannabe thug who probably would have been killed in Miami had he stayed there...Now Trayvon's mother is running all over the country with her crocodile tears telling everyone who will listen that Trayvon was a good son and that he will never be able to give her grand children. Boo Hoo. This from a mother who kicked her son out and locked the door behind him. (Thanks to Tom Wags2 on “The Unrepentant Patriots”)

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