Monday, July 8, 2013

Man Shoots Armed Robber

A man who says he only tried to rob the store because he was unemployed and needed money was shot as he ran away from the robbery, which he did with a shotgun held to the store owner’s head. The store owner pulled his own gun and shot the robber, who then went home where he and the shotgun, plus the loot were found by police. The store owner says the robber’s story is bogus because he, himself, lost his job, but did the HONEST thing and opened his own business. He didn’t try and rob somebody for his own good. Anti-gun freaks will hate this story because it does not support their phony theories that people who own guns will more than likely shoot THEMSELVES or “go wild,” shooting others, just because they have a gun. They say stories like this don’t happen, but I find them every day—although not in the liberal media. I guess they figure if it isn’t covered, it doesn’t happen. (The Blaze)

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