Monday, July 15, 2013

"Can't Get Their Guns Out Quick Enough"

The Florida Attorney General says “Even a cop who is on the ground with a criminal on his chest beating his head on the sidewalk can’t get his gun out as quickly as Zimmerman did.” WRONG! This fool statement comes from someone who has never been in that position. It all depends on the situation. If the guy is concentrating hard enough on killing that cop, maybe he doesn’t notice as he reaches for a gun. They’re still doing everything they can to criminalize Zimmerman even after he has been found not guilty. Charging Zimmerman with “civil rights violations” is a BIG stretch and is purely political. Obama and his "gang of thieves" want Zimmerman convicted of SOMETHING and they're pulling out all the atops and spending taxpayer money like water in their unending attempts to do so. They figure if he's convicted of something, it will help their agenda to DISARM all (law-abiding) Americans. (Just common sense)

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