Monday, July 29, 2013

Fact: He Can't Prove It

Obama claims he is a U. S. citizen. I don’t think so, and I demand he provide proof of his U. S. citizenship. He should be removed from the White House in irons by federal marshals and kept from signing ANYTHING as president until he does. He likes to insult those who demand he prove it and calls them names, such as, “birthers.” But the unalterable fact is, he has NOT proven it. He provided an obvious forgery of a Hawaiian “birth record” one time that raised more questions than it answered. He has used several Social Security numbers, one of which was issued in Connecticut to a man now dead. This is an obvious criminal act that nobody has called him on. He should have been forced to provide this proof before he was allowed to even RUN for president. Why he wasn’t is a mistake of historic proportions. Why he isn’t forced to do so now is another. Somebody needs to do it NOW before he spends us into infinity. Why is this in a blog about guns? Because Obama is an implacable enemy of guns in the hands of honest people and wants to disarm honest people to make it easier for armed criminals to victimize them, Getting rid of him will make it a lot easier to keep our gun rights. (Just common sense)

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