Thursday, July 18, 2013

This Is Real Racism

They accuse us of racism. But the worst racism ever is right now being demonstrated by the very people who should NEVER be racist—black preachers. Rev. Aaron Williams, pastor of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Seattle, Washington, told parishioners to “raise Cain” (code words for "riot") because of the Zimmerman verdict. If that doesn’t represent “fomenting violence,” I don’t know what would. But black pastors all over the country are preaching violence while wearing hoodies. Racism used to mean violence against blacks. But we’re turned it around backwards and it now means black violence against whites—and the government is not stopping it, it’s “whipping it up.” Obama said that if we elected him, we’d “destroy racism forever.” At the same time he is trying his best to take our guns away so we'll be defenseless when the black racists and other criminals come after us and our property.

But we didn’t. We CREATED a NEW racism, blacks against whites, but with the blacks wearing the hoods and “riding in the night” in cars instead of on horses. I judge people as individuals; I don’t see blacks as something less than human as people used to think of them. But I do think they are “easily led” into violence because of PAST racism against them. They think that makes it right to be racist against whites. Whites, too, and that's going to create trouble, which works right into Obama's hands. I think we’re heading into a period of lots of violence against both blacks and whites, “whipped up” by our “first black (half black, anyway) president. Obama is the biggest “divider” we’ve ever had in the White House, and I hope this country survives that monumental mistake we (not me) made in electing this “Fuehrer” to the presidency. (The Blaze)

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