Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cops Drop Charges Against Teen

Remember Jared Marcum, the teenager who got in trouble at school for wearing a NRA t-shirt? Who was even ARRESTED on a made-up charge that could have gotten him A YEAR in the slam (you can imagine what he'd go through there; he'd have been "prime meat" for the other convicts) and a $500 fine for refusing to violate his own rights by removing it on demand? Well, the cops have dropped the charges. Apparently, “wiser heads” have prevailed and reversed the actions of those fools with badges who arrested him. I don’t know for sure, but I think the school has continued to pursue the punishment they “meted out” for his refusal to “follow orders” for which there are no laws. They suspended him from school and the cops even tried to get a judge to issue a “gag order” to keep the family from even talking about it. That order failed. A reporter who tried to fight the gag order was himself ejected from the courthouse. Talk about a “police state!” His family is now ready to pursue legal action against this school, and should win a LOT of money, putting a  black spot on the records of those “school authorities” and the teacher involved. Frankly, this is just one example of "school officials" taking in a little bit too much territory. (GOA)

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