Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Is This Billboard "Offensive?"

Yes. It is. But not for the usual reason. Why? Because it tells a basic truth, not because it pictures INDIANS, who WERE “protected” out of existence by this government. It proclaims for all to see the FALLACY of allowing a government—ANY government—to disarm us on the promise they will “protect” us. The truth is, not only WILL they not, they CANNOT. When danger strikes, most of the time, there are only SECONDS before somebody is hurt, while the cops (those representatives of government who HAVE guns) take MINUTES to respond (it's not their fault). So the cops can only “take names” and MAYBE someday arrest the culprits. Just using pictures of Indians is not enough, in my mind, to “offend:” intelligent people. People who get mad because of the use of Indians on that billboard are FOOLS and are using that as an excuse not to discuss the REAL issue. Yes, I used the term “Indians,” not that phonied-up term, “Native Americans” the PC Police order me to use. I don’t obey “orders” from self-appointed fools not qualified to give them. (The Blaze)

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