Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's Hopeless If We Don't Wake Up

I’m reading a very prophetic book by (now deceased) author William W. Johnstone, by the name, “Phoenix Rising.” The plot closely follows what is happening NOW under Obama, although a little further along. The new president is an Islamic, from an Islamic country, allowed by a foolish electorate that repealed the Constitutional Amendment that prevented the foreign born from being president (a very slight difference from reality) He is quickly making this into a dictatorship with himself as dictator while destroying this country with his fool edicts. This plot is only one step forward from what we’re experiencing now. All the things this fool enacted were APPROVED by a liberal Congress, including the law that DISENFRANCHISED them. You can probably find copies of this book in used bookstores, and you should find, And buy it, and read it before it’s too late. I’m very sorry this author is dead, and I can only hope his nephew (J. A. Johnstone), who worked with him in has last years, is as good a writer and is as prolific as he was. So he can continue the important work he did in his novels. I am going to try and buy up as many copies as I can, and I hope you can get one from me soon. Let me know if you want one. The price will be right. (Just common sense)

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