Thursday, July 25, 2013

Liberals Against Everything Good

They’re against everything that’s good for us, and FOR everything that’s BAD. We have plenty of oil in the ground to last a thousand years or more. But they oppose every attempt to get at it. Fracking, for instance: it is new technology designed to “get around” the liberal BAN on drilling ANYWHERE we run things, and they immediately try to BAN it. What kind of FOOLS are they? We’re IMPORTING oil at ever higher prices from people who HATE us. Why? Because incompetent politicians FORCE us to do so for STUPID reasons. “Climate Change" is a scam to make AlGore super-rich, and it has done so. Climate Change fools say WE “ignore science when it disagrees with our thinking. It is those fools who do. There IS no “science” to back up their claims—except that false “science” people have ADMITTED putting forward to attempt to con us into believing this fairy tale. I could go on and on, but I don’t have room here. then there is their efforts to disarm us supposedly to "stop gun violence." What part of "criminals don't obey laws" do they not understand? (Just common sense)

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