Monday, July 8, 2013

Fool Actors Want to Get Rid of Guns

They haven’t a clue about reality. They live in a world of make believe. They actually think it’s possible to “get rid of guns.” It is NOT. How will you accomplish it? Point guns at gun owners and demand they give you their guns? That’s not going to work because what do you do with the guns that you pointed at them after they give theirs up? What about the guns owned by criminals illegally? How about those owned by foreign governments? Get them to agree to give up their guns? Ain’t agonna happen. You don’t defend yourself by disarming yourself. Only fool politicians and actors (a contradiction in terms, that) think that. Say you DO manage to collect all legal guns in the world. How do you keep people from making more? How do you keep CRIMINALS from getting them illegally? I’d say somebody needs to fill these actors in on that if I thought they’d listen. But they won’;. they are fixed in their fool opinions and don’t listen to anything else. Like ALL anti-gun freaks who want to use THEIR guns to take away OUR guns. (The Blaze)

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