Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Baltimore Gun Laws Fail

Baltimore has made some pretty tight anti-gun laws, so the number of deaths by gun should be going down, right? WRONG! These new laws have not made one whit of difference in the gun death figures in Baltimore. One of those laws requires that anybody buying a gun be treated like a felon, and be fingerprinted. But that doesn’t apply to those guns bought out of the trunks of cars, “on the street,” does it? That’s where most criminals get their guns. Of course, our incompetent politicians never think about that, so you can depend upon the fact that, no matter how many peripheral laws they make, they “ain’t agonna work.” But they can tell their constituents they “DID something” about gun violence by passing these laws, even KNOWING they aren’t going to have ANY effect on gun violence. (Washington Examiner)

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