Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Something Wrong in Lib Media

All we hear about recently in the liberal media is the backlash from something a television cook, Paula Deen said twenty years ago because she praised a restaurant that is non-union. I think what she said 20 years ago is not the problem; it is that she praised a NON-UNION restaurant and the pro-Obama unions don’t like that. So I guess she makes a good pawn to keep our minds off four dead victims of Obama’s incompetence and inattention in Benghazi, Libya, and their attempts to hide the facts surrounding it; the IRS “targeting” conservative organizations and delaying their applications for tax-exempt status while asking hundreds of inane, unanswerable questions; the author of that outrage “taking the fifth” and walking out on a congressional investigating committee after refusing to answer any questions; the government spying on all Americans, using the terrorists as an excuse, while insisting they have WON the war on terrorism. Her problems also keep our minds off Obama’s “war on power” and his promise to “bankrupt the coal industry,” which, if he is successful, will be a disaster. (Just common sense)

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