Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Militarizing the Cops

 “Posse Comitatus” forbids the use of U. S. soldiers against the American people. So to get around this, the feds provide local cops with free equipment to make THEM into soldiers, and they tend to “go wild” with the power. They burst into private homes WITHOUT WARRANTS and KILL those who oppose them. They wear black clothes with POLICE in big letters on the BACKS of their shirts, wearing masks so they can’t be identified, and KILL anybody who gets in their way. In one case, they broke into the home of a “war hero” and, when he appeared with a rifle, they pumped him full of lead (60 bullets of 90 fired). Turns out they were at the wrong house and he was innocent of all charges. The cops refused to allow medics to attend him (which is CRIMINAL) and allowed him to bleed to death while they stood around. Yes, his family sued. And if they collected, the TAXPAYERS paid. Not the cops who MURDERED him. Were they EVER punished? No. They’re still “on the job,” brutalizing the innocent and guilty alike. They SAY this, and other raids were to “break up a home invasion ring.” But what about the one run by the sheriff? They’ve sealed the SUPPOSED warrants and are “investigating themselves.” Why is this being allowed? As usual, they CLAIM to have found illegal arms in the home, but nothing they found was illegal—or unusual in the home of a military veteran. They’re “refusing to comment on an ongoing investigation (of themselves), which is a good way to “stonewall.” This sheriff should be removed from office and imprisoned himself for acting like a criminal thug. (Huffington Post)

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