Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What Is Obama DOING?

Everything he does regarding self defense seems designed to make us as helpless as possible. He can't NOT KNOW that criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists LAUGH at his “gun laws,” yet he continues to insist on making more and more of them, and that's ALL. Even to the extent of ILLEGALLY issuing “Executive Orders” that operate as laws. Something that only works when his cronies are willing to “enforce” them, even if they are illegal. At the same time he is working HARD to make sure as many Islamic terrorists as possible are imported into this country, hoping to KILL as many of us as possible. even to the extent of using OUR tax money to pay their way here while others of their stripe kill and rape all over Europe. His “gun laws” only keep guns out of the hands of law-abiding people, not people who get them illegally and wish to do us harm. He MUST know that, but he keeps on doing it. There should be a law against a president installing policies that will KILL many innocent Americans so we could STOP this insanity. (Just common sense)

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