Saturday, March 26, 2016

Definition of Insanity

Anti-gun fools are insane! They want to ban TOY guns for children. Never mind children will make guns out of STICKS if they have nothing better. You just can't keep toy guns out of the hands of children. It isn't natural. They're so panicked about guns that they want to eliminate anything that even LOOKS like a gun from the world. In New Jersey, they arrested and prosecuted an ACTOR who was using a PHONY gun in a movie scene, on a gun charge. They won't be satisfied until there isn't a gun left in the world, which means they will NEVER be satisfied, because their quest is IMPOSSIBLE. It's like putting toothpaste back in a tube. Guns exist. You can't “uninvent them.” If you somehow destroyed the LEGAL gun industry, gunsmiths everywhere will still be making guns and selling them on the black market.. Next, they'll want to ban ALL movies using guns in their plots. They've already gotten rid of most toy guns in toy stores, to the disappointment of kids, everywhere. (Eagle Rising)

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