Friday, March 4, 2016

They Say It Doesn't Happen

Anti-gun fools commonly say “concealed carriers” can do nothing to stop crimes, and are more likely to shoot themselves than a “bad guy.” This lack of respect for the ability of law-abiding people to handle their guns is rife among them. But it DOES happen, and it happens all the time. In this case, a bunch of young thugs (most likely gang members) tried to carjack a woman's car at gunpoint. The 13-year-old “point man” (who is lucky to be alive) was shot and injured by the man in the car, who was legally armed. He learned, not only that his crimes might not be as easy as he thought, but his friends would not help him as he lay bleeding in the street. They “lit out for the tall timber.” Who knows what these young punks had planned for this woman, but thankfully, it didn't happen, thanks to “a good guy with a gun.” Something anti-gun fools say never happens. (Bearing Arms)

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