Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Impossible Quest

Anti-gun fools really think they can eliminate guns from the world by their actions. But nothing is more silly than that. But they think silly thoughts. One is that the way to self defense it to DISARM yourself. Another is to think that making LAWS against guns will stop people from making, and buying them. They're easy to make. I could make some if I knew how. I could learn how, easily. And there are many craftsmen who DO know how. One of the current efforts of the anti-gun crowd is to make a law allowing victims of “gun violence” to sue gun makers for damages done by their guns. That would only force gun makers underground, where they can't be found by fools who want to sue them while leading to suits on auto makers for accidents caused by the owner's damned foolishness. And “gun crime” would go on, without letup. Prohibition did more to INCREASE alcohol use in the United States and cause the rise of organized crime than did anything else. The same is true of the drug trade. Ban guns and create yet another illicit market that will dwarf both. (Gun Watch)

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