Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Guns In Church?

Some people are asking the same question they asked about McDonald's”: “Why would anybody want to carry a gun to church?” the answer is the same: “In case some fool comes in with his own gun and shoots the place up.” which happened recently at one McDonald's. But the danger to churchgoers is even more intense. Churches usually being “no-gun zones,” they are prime targets for such fools. There have been many such shootings in churches. And in one, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, a small woman who had her own legally carried gun stopped a “killing spree” a man planned for her church by shooting him, causing him to kill himself when he saw it wasn't going to work. She saved many lives that day, probably including her own. Because she brought her gun to church while she worshiped. In Jackson, Mississippi, they're making a law to ALLOW guns in churches. Somebody there is “smarter than the average bear.” (WTVA)

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