Sunday, March 13, 2016

Questions for Obama

Barack, I'm sure you can understand that making laws against gun ownership will do NOTHING to “stop gun violence.” why then, do you insist on making them? Is it your way of making people think you're “doing something” when you're not? You KNOW how easy it is for criminals, crazies and Islamic terrorists to get their guns ILLEGALLY in some back alley somewhere but the laws against that are the ones that are “weak.” Why is it at the same time you are taking away our right to have and carry the means to self-defense, you're importing by the hundreds, of thousands, Muslim terrorists? And don't even TRY to tell me they're NOT terrorists! To believe that is STUPIDITY. You're even paying their way here.

I'm an old man. If I'm confronted my a terrorist with a gun, I'm dead. I have NO DEFENSE without a gun in my hand, and I'm not going to “bend over and get screwed.” The same applies to being robbed by somebody who is carrying the predictably ILLEGAL gun. And “old folks” like me are their primary targets, because they figure we're “easy targets.” And they're right, as long as people like you keep us disarmed. You, and people like you say if you let us have guns (as if you have the right to deny us), we'll start shooting each other over trifles. Nothing could be more IGNORANT. The truth is, the whole campaign against gun ownership by law-abiding people is ignorant. At least the way you people run it. (Just common sense)

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