Sunday, March 6, 2016

Obama: Best Gun Salesman

He has been responsible for more gun sales than ANYBODY. Every time he makes a speech about “gun control,” gun sales increase. He's well known to be the best gun salesmen EVER.. I'm sure that's an “honor” he wishes he didn't have. Maybe he'll one day wake up and realize that every move he makes to limit gun ownership in the United States sells more guns. Probably not. America's will is decidedly AGAINST limiting gun ownership in America. But he'll never “tumble” to that. He lacks the intelligence, as do the other anti-gun fools. Hamid Peseshk, a long-time gun dealer, in spite of more restrictive gun regulations now in place, is selling more guns than ever. And he gives Obama and his anti-gun cronies the credit for it. He says—and he's right--”It's not the job of law enforcement to protect us. That's an impossible job, since they can't be everywhere, at once.” All they can do is “clean up the scene,” get rid of the body, and document it, MAYBE catching the criminal, later. That does NOT “protect us.” cops will be the first to say this. (Arkansas Matters)

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