Monday, March 7, 2016

Gun Buy Backs

That's another myth that does NOTHING to limit the number of guns on the street. It's a “feel good, I did something” dog and pony show. They have these highly touted “gun buy-back programs” where people (usually armed criminals) bring in their old, useless guns, and sell them, getting money to buy newer, better guns to use in killing the UNARMED law-abiding people. Meanwhile, the “authorities” they sell them to often later have a “gun sale” where the guns end up back on the market, to be bought by other criminals. Sometimes COPS “appropriate” some, using them as “throwaways” to drop next to a dead body they mistakenly shot to make it look like he was armed when they shot him. Otherwise, the cops' security is so bad, many of them get stolen and wind up back “on the street,” that way. I wish this wasn't second in the linked article, but just scroll down. (Daily Caller)

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