Sunday, March 20, 2016

They're Going for Guns

In Raleigh, TN, a suburb of Memphis named for a town that used to be at it's center, they're promoting gun safety classes and as many residents who can qualify, getting “carry permits” because of the rising crime rate. They note that there have been 40 homicides this year in Memphis already, many of them in Raleigh, and they want to send a message to armed “bad guys”: “Go somewhere else to commit your crimes. We're armed in Raleigh.” Not too many municipalities take this approach, to their detriment. Most of them simply want to disarm everybody. Except for the criminals, of course, who always get their guns, anyway. That imbecility has been responsible for many deaths. But they will not admit that, thinking that their way is best—while people die. We need to replace those imbeciles with politicians of the same stripe as those who live in Raleigh. (WMC Action News)

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