Sunday, March 6, 2016

Fewer Guns, More Stabbings

Proving my prediction, the tighter gun law are, the more lawbreakers will use OTHER weapons to kill or intimidate people. And New York Mayor DiBlasio has confirmed that. If there were no guns, at all, people who want to hurt other people will use the next best thing. In this case, a knife. Criminals WILL do their “dirty work,” no matter what they must use to do it. Back in Medieval times, there were guns. But they were few, and far between, because of the difficulty in using them. So everybody carried knives or swords. And sword fights became an almost daily occurrence. You can't stop people who want to hurt others by taking away their weapons. If they want to kill you, they'll find a way, if they have to use their bare hands. (Fox 5)

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