Monday, March 28, 2016

More Gun Stupidity

In Louisville, KY, they're holding a “Put Down the Guns” walk, hoping that will stop the “gun violence" there. This is about as stupid as thinking making a LAW will stop criminals, who obey no laws, from getting their guns. The obvious answer to “gun violence” is to kill or imprison all the criminals who commit it. To do that, they have to let more law-abiding people carry guns in self defense, so they can kill as many criminals as possible and thereby reduce gun violence, since if criminals are dead, they can't cause “”gun violence.” But they don't trust law-abiding people to responsibly use their guns. So they remain helpless against all the ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. And they keep holding marches and rallies against guns, making silly laws that do NOTHING to reduce gun violence, and then they say, “We did something.” Meanwhile, more people die from gun violence. (WDRB)

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