Sunday, March 20, 2016

Flapping Their Wings

And accomplishing nothing. That's what people all over the United States are doing, trying to reduce “gun violence. But they aren't accomplishing a thing because they're moving in the wrong direction. In St, Louis and many other places, they're having “marches against gun violence,” as though that will make any difference, at all. In other places, they're having rallies, trying to figure out what to do about “gun violence.” And all their talk doesn't stop a single act of gun violence. They make laws to do all kinds of things, hoping that will stifle gun violence. They're dreaming. There's only ONE WAY to stop gun violence, and that is to stop the CREATORS of gun violence, by killing them, or putting them in prison for long stretches. But our politicians, in most places, won't even hear of letting honest, law-abiding people own and carry guns for self defense, so they can “clean up” on the criminals who create the gun violence, either killing them or imprisoning them for long periods. As long as they're dead or buried in prison, they won't be committing gun violence. In Raleigh, TN (a Memphis suburb), they have the right idea. They're PROMOTING gun safety training, and as many citizens getting “carry permits” as are qualified. Thus sending a message to gun toting criminals to “Stay away. Or we'll END you.” (CBS Local)

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