Tuesday, March 22, 2016

NRA: "Evil Giant?"

The NRA is painted as an “evil giant” by anti-gun dolts who only want to deny the right to self-defense to law-abiding Americans. That's because NRA opposes the “flights of fancy” they call laws. And they're largely successful. Liberals say NRA wants even criminals to be able to buy guns legally. Any laws sponsored by NRA will exclude known felons from being able to buy guns legally. So they'll simply ask other criminals where to find an ILLEGAL gun dealer in a back alley somewhere, as they do, now, and get their guns anyway. NRA teaches gun safety classes, so gun owners won't shoot themselves in the foot while trying a “quick draw,” and children won't kill each other because of their curiosity about guns, which is satisfied by these classes. But they oppose the anti-gun fools, so they MUST be “nasty,” according to them. (Columbus Dispatch)

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