Sunday, March 27, 2016

California's Gun Idiocy

It's fortunate that this bill will probably never become law, but anything is possible in California, which is a bastion of ignorant liberals. The law, if passed, contains many lesser idiocies, but the one that will kill the gun industry in California is the requirement that gun sellers get insurance (that does not yet exist and would be VERY expensive) to cover the criminal acts of second, third, and fourth parties using a gun from the store in question even if that gun store was the VICTIM of the crime or the gun or ammo was STOLEN from the store. This entire bill is the work of damned foolery, produced by stupid people. You know, people who think they can eliminate “gun violence” by passing a law. There are many damned fool gun laws in California, but this is the worst. And I wouldn't bet on it NOT being passed with the damned fools in their legislature. (AmmoLand)

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